The original Odd One Out Mini Hoop

Where passion for design and quality collide with love of the game and childhood excitement

When someone says your decor is "fun" they'll actually mean it

The wall mounted mini hoop is perfectly in step with our design objectives of creating playful and nostalgic home decor. We wanted to create a hoop that is clean and contemporary, that’s at home hung next to an Eames chair, or above a record collection or in the office. We made sure they didn’t just inherently express personal style but were also carefully crafted from superior components and materials.

  • The Mini Hoop rims are powder coated and composed of industrial quality hardware that has been purposefully sourced to be a seamless fit.   

  • Each set of boards that make up a backboard has been colour and grain matched to ensure even tones and natural lines.

  • We hand weave each net mesh from high quality paracord to our own specifications.

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