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    Bubble Gum Mini Basketball Hoop

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    **Made to order - Final Sale - 2-3 week lead time**

    Our Odd One Out Bubble Gum Mini Basketball Hoop is a premium piece of wall art. The backboard is made out of individual gypsum castings meshed together in a mosaic. It comes with a tan powder coated rim a hand woven tan paracord mesh. 

    The Bubble Gum Mini Basketball Hoop comes with wall mounting hardware, mounting guide and a link to instructions for easy installation with just one screwdriver.

     **NOT FOR PLAY**

    Unlike some of our other hoops, the Bubble Gum Mini Basketball Hoop is not meant to played with. 

    All Odd One Out products are designed and crafted at our studio in Vancouver BC.  


    • Gypsum stone backboard
    • Tan powder coated rim - 10" diameter
    • Tan hand woven paracord net mesh
    • Stainless steel hardware


    • Backboard
    • Rim assembled with net
    • Wall mounting and assembly hardware
    • Mounting guide and instructions


      Wall Mounted Mini Basketball Hoop Dimensions 21 inch by 14 inch




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